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How to proceed when the clover terminal is not showing the approved items list?

If you scan an item and it is not found, it will ask you to add the product to your catalogue. If you process the cart and you get back a list of items that are “rejected” it means it is not on the benefit plan. We monitor those items and will provide them to the plan to check if they can be added.

What happens when the terminal’s screen just stays blank and only shows the battery symbol on a corner? What can the customers do in that case?

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What does it mean when someone scans the OTC card and it shows a message “Unknown Error”?

Something is wrong with the card. Please provide the card # that was scanned so we can check the system to see what happened.

What can I client do if by mistake they selected the taxes for an specific product and it was automatically saved on the terminal? Is there a way to change it?

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People want to know how to get a summary of all the transactions they´ve made throughout the day when they close the store.

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It’s supposed for all the terminals to be set with the list of all the eligible products in each of the stores they are sent, or the managers and employees have to add every single product one by one to the list?

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